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BSL for Business – Your Views

BSL for Business – Your Views

Your Views


We are always seeking to improve support and opportunities for Deaf people and business. Your feedback has helped us to gain a better insight into your circumstances, what is important to you and most importantly... how we can help!

We will now be working towards addressing some of the issues raised and with your help, build a stronger and more successful community of entrepreneurs and business people!


If you would like to comment or respond to the survey results, please email: research@deafbusinessacademy.co.uk 

New Service for Deaf Business


A specialist remote interpreting & translation service for business is now available, offering the following services:

Business meetings - Supplier meetings, staff supervision, sales and lead generation.

Phone calls - sales calls, customer service, accountant queries, HMRC, companies house.

Document translation - contracts, policies, training & course material

Document creation - policies, procedures, bid writing, funding applications, marketing & sales materials.

To find out more about how this service can support your business, please click HERE or visit www.diverse-signs.co.uk